About Dieting

Q. What is RMR?

A. Resting Metabolic Rate – this is the rate at which your metabolism functions when you are sitting. Finding your RMR requires a consultation with a nutritionist or exercise specialist. Regular exercise can go a long way to raising your RMR.

Q. Why is fiber important?

A. Fiber is a very important weight loss tool because it helps you feel fuller longer. Fiber takes longer for the stomach to digest, so you feel its effects for long after you’ve eaten. For more information on fiber, see this article:

Q. Do I need to eat all of my points (or most of my recommended caloric intake) every day?

A. Yes! While one day of lower calorie eating probably will not make much difference, continually eating far less than your recommended intake will cause your body to go into starvation mode. When your body is in starvation mode, it hangs on to all of the calories and nutrients it can to keep itself alive. This reaction can not only slow down your weight loss, but can also make you sick. It’s also important to remember that, in the long run, a healthy, balanced approach to eating always works whereas crash diets often fail.

Q. What weight loss programs do you recommend?

A. We have had great success on the weight watchers program, so of course we fully recommend that course of action. Weight Watchers can be done in two methods, online (www.weightwatchers.com) or through in-person meetings. The program choice is really a matter of personal preference and knowing what works best for you. Other than Weight Watchers, we recommend any diet program that emphasizes balanced, healthy choices without heavy restrictions. It’s important to remember that most diet plans will work if you stick to them, so the key is to find one that you can stick to in the long run. If you are on a diet that forces you to give up foods you love, you are least likely to stick with it.

Q. Do I really need to drink all this water?

A. This is a tricky one. While there isn’t much conclusive medical evidence that says that drinking lots of water increases weight loss, it isn’t a bad idea to keep well hydrated. Our take on this controversy - shoot for the 8 glasses a day, but don’t obsess over it.

About the site

Q. What is a foodie?

A. A foodie is defined as a person with a refined interest in food, a gourmet. As foodies ourselves, when we began our weight loss journey, our biggest fear was giving up the foods we love (and I mean LOVE!) in exchange for flavorless ‘diet food’. We created this website because we know that flavorless ‘diet food’ is out there, but we also know that you don’t have to eat it to lose weight! Dieting does NOT have to mean sacrificing taste.

Q. Who are you guys?

A. We’re not doctors or nutritionists, we’re just people like you who have struggled with our weight and want to gather the information we’ve found along the way.

Q. Where can I view your Legal Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?

A. Ok, we admit it. This isn’t frequently asked. But here’s the info anyway: Terms & Conditions; Privacy Policy