Kemps Nonfat Light 80 Yogurt

Kemps Nonfat Light 80 Yogurt - A 1 Point Miracle!Like the rest of you, we love getting our dairy servings in by eating yogurt. Yogurt is one of those versatile foods that work for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert. But the thing that drives us NUTS is the inability to find a flavored, 1 Point yogurt in the 6-oz container. Call us spoiled, but we want to get the most for our Points!

We are proud to announce that the search for this mystery food is over! Kemps has unveiled an 80 calorie, nonfat, 1 gram of fiber (yes, 1 point!), flavored, 6-oz yogurt! Who could ask for more?

Check to website to see if Kemps are available in your area. If not, write Kemps and ask your grocer to find out more.


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