Weight Watchers 1 point cakes

The Weight Watcher's community has been buzzing about these treats for a few weeks now, so when we found them in our grocery store we just had to try them. We've just completed our taste test and here are the results:

Chocolate Cake (80 cals/3 grams of fat/2 grams of fiber)

If you're a sucker for Tasty Kake or Drake's treats, this is for you. You'd never guess it was low-fat and it tastes just like the fat-filled lunchbox treats you used to love. Much like those lunchbox chocolate treats, though, these were tasty but a little on the dry side.

Carrot Cake (80 cals/ 2.5 grams of fat/2 grams of fiber)

These got a thumbs up all around! They have a bit more of an‚¬Å“adult” taste and were moist and chewy. And weighing in at a half gram of fat less than their chocolate counterparts, the carrot cake was a clear winner.
               Weight Watchers Carrot Cake
While these were both delicious, keep in mind that nothing is perfect. These are 80 calorie pieces of cake so they're pretty small‚- about 4 bites each. They're the perfect solution to satisfying a craving, but not really a filling snack.

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