Healthy, Low-Fat & Tasty Guacamole. Smart and Skinny with Laurel House

ExerciseTV asked:

I LOVE avocado! And while it's filled with "good fats" (9g in 1/4 cup!!!), I know myself and my inability to stop shovelling guacamole into my mouth. Add the fatty fried chips and it's a serious diet-killing snack. So, I tested lots and lots of recipes and combos to come up with a low fat guacamole that still tastes good. This is the best of the bunch! Recipe: -Equal parts: Frozen-defrosted Green Peas & Greek NF Yogurt & Avocado- mushed together -Handful of Cilantro- torn -Handful of Tomatoes- chopped -Jalapenos- diced (to taste) -Lime- big squeeze -Ground Cumin- shake -Salt & White Pepper- shake Mix together Instead of chips, choose: -Carrots -Parsnips -Jicama -Celery For more of Laurel's fit tips and workouts visit:

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