Misto Olive Oil Sprayer Cuts Fat

Do you love the flavor of olive oil but hate the fat it contains? While olive oil is a good fat, it's also very fattening! If you're like us, you're probably trying to figure out how to incorporate heart healthy oils into your diet without packing on the pounds.

We LOVE roasted veggies - we roast everything from brussel sprouts to asparagus. Nothing tastes better than veggies roasted nice and simple with some Maldon salt and olive oil! The problem with this is our heavy hand in pouring olive oil! The Misto Olive Oil Sprayer has been a lifesaver for us.

The Misto Olive Oil Sprayer is a clever device - it is a handheld pump that spritzes olive oil in little sprays. I can give a quick, light coating of olive oil to my veggies or a little spray into a pan for sauteeing. It's much like the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray or PAM cooking sprays, but with good-for-you (and much tastier) olive oil instead.

The Misto Sprayer is a great way to get the flavor of olive oil WITHOUT all the calories. Be sure to count the calories though - those sprays aren't free! The Misto gives off 10 calories worth of olive oil per spray.

Make sure you're getting the proper amounts of healthy oils in your diet - and for all other oil needs, buy a Misto Olive Sprayer so you can't cut down on fat but keep the flavor!


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